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Handschellen Law Enforcement Handcuffs and Keys


Strong Double Locking Handcuffs


Handschellen Law Enforcement Handcuffs and Keys

These stainless steel handcuffs feature a double lock mechanism for convenient and secure use. In single locked mode, the handcuffs can pass all the way through the ratchet until the teeth are free on the other side.

This allows quick unlocking of the handcuffs in an emergency situation. To put them in double lock mode, a pin can be pushed down with the key and the handcuffs will no longer be able to pass all the way through the ratchet.

The cuffs are linked with two chains which creates a hinge. Constructed from stainless steel which feels solid, weighty and empowering in your hand. Each pair comes with two keys in case you misplace one.


Dual chain linked cuffs
Stainless steel construction
Two keys per pair

Dimensions: 21.5cm long from tip to tip of the cuffs, including the chain.
Maximum Cuff Diameter: 7.5cm
Manufacturer: MFH
Weight: 0.36kg
Content: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver

New Condition