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WWII German Building Flag Banner




This Massive WW2 German NSDAP flag banner measures 4.4m x 1.2m (14ft 5 inches x 3ft ) .

A double-sided sewn in roundel Swastika rune and is typical of the street and building flags that proclaimed the majesty of the Third Reich’s “Machtergreifung,” ( seizure of power ) , the ascension to power that culminated in Adolf Hitler’s being appointed Reich’s chancellor in 1933.

Many of the various German cities blanketed their streets with such banners to celebrate this event and many other festive holidays in the Reich. This is a huge banner which were seen hanging everywhere (from lampposts, telegraph poles, draped from upstairs windows) in the Glory Days of the 3rd Reich.

Condition is untouched as when brought back by a Vet from the Maori 28th Battalion. The red is faded compared to its glory days and has a couple of tears in the red which could easily be repaired & a couple of small holes in the roundel which are not noticeable when standing back & viewing. Some soiling & staining but everything you would expect to see from an original wartime item.

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