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Original WWII U.S. Navy M2 KA BAR Utility Fighting Knife / Scabbard


MK2 Utility Knife – The original KA BAR



Original WWII U.S. Navy M2 Utility Fighting Knife (MK2 / KA BAR)

Highly collectable blade and one of the most infamous military knives of all time. The modern reproduction “Ka Bar” knives are all modelled after this legendary knife, a must have for any military collector!

Personalised scabbard, excellent K Bar type general purpose utility fighting knife. Hilt stamped with the ‘US Navy MK 2’ stamp. Leather grips tight and in excellent condition. Ditto the blade itself.

Used by Navy and Sea Bee personnel. Also used by UDT personnel.

‘Hard’ scabbard used instead of the K Bar leather to deal with salt water. Also ‘sweetheart’ personalised with the name ‘Mae’.

This ‘K Bar’ type knife was Easily the best general purpose and fighting knife of WW2 and beyond. The knife which all KA-BAR reproductions were modelled on, this thing is a legend and an absolute must have for any WW2 collector. Why buy the repro when you can have the real thing!

Highly collectible WW2 blade. Guaranteed original WW2 item (purchased from one of the best bayonet/fighting knife dealers in the US)

Great Condition for it’s age as seen in photos

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