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WWll German SS M36 Chained Dagger with Portepee




SS Model 1936 chained dagger. The hilt and scabbard fittings are solid nickel. The grip’s runics button is in the upright position. Note that there are a couple of small chips at the base of the obverse side of the grip. The eagle displays nice age patina with fine detail & solid nickel construction. The blade’s obverse displays the etched SS motto, Meine Ehre Heist Treue (My Honor is Loyalty) , no makers mark as is expected with chained M36s. The obverse and reverse of the blade display minimal aging. Type 2 chain with runic and skull links on the pebbled blackened backround showing excellent detail with the links being nickel plated & the SS proof Kulturzeichen (cultural symbol) is clearly stamped on the correct link. Nickel-silver & Nickel plated chains were produced without the nasal septum. The chain is attached to the “Wotan Knot,” or cloverleaf snap clip hanging device. The factory painted scabbard is in excellent condition.

Completing the dagger is its aluminum bullion portepee with some wear showing but intact & tied to the grip.

Note that there appear to be letters & numbers impressed into the obverse side base of the grip but I cannot determine with accuracy what they read or may stand for.

This dagger was brought from Wittmanns 15yrs ago for US$10,000 by the wife of this NZ collector as a birthday present & formed part of the collection I brought from him.

Not often chained SS daggers come up in NZ Militaria circles & especially in the great condition of this one.