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Vintage Brass German Pantographic Solingen Dagger



Up for auction is a very rare and unique vintage German brass paratroopers folding knife. This knife was made by Carl Eickhorn in Solingen, Germany.

The blade is 4.5” long. The handles are 3 3/8” long and are made of brass.

A pantographic knife or paratrooper knife is a folding knife whose blade is opened by a unique scissors method. The blade has a slightly longer tang than a folding knife heel. The handle is symmetrically segmented and articulated to fold away on both sides to grip the longer tang.

The manner is similar to a butterfly knife with which it is often confused. Unlike the balisong knife handles that swing freely and independently, the pantographic knife uses a pantograph linkage to keep the handles aligned during opening and closing.

The pantographic knife is very strong when compared to most other folding knife designs.

In excellent vintage condition, has not been sharpened

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