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VINTAGE Circa 1950 UK “JOLLY Black BOY” wearing BOATER HAT Mechanical BANK Alloy

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British made vintage Black Man (or BOY) WEARING a “Boater Hat” A boater (also straw boater, basher, skimmer, cady, katie, canotier, somer, sennit hat, or in Japan, can-can hat, suruken) is a kind of summer hat worn by men, regarded as somewhat formal, and particularly popular in the late 19th Cent & early 20th Cent.

GENUINE vintage-made mechanical BANK or “Money Box” as what most British people would know them as

Manufactured from a Zinc or Alloy metal

Probable Maker = Robert Eastwood Starkie

CIRCA 1945 But could well be EARLIER? as there was a previous generation in The Starkie family who ALSO made these Black Man banks in near-identical style

The “Portcullis” style original base-plate has markings = “Reg. No. 844290 / Starkie’s Patent No. 32537 / Patented in Foreign Countries”

This bank may be operated by TWISTING the Black Boy’s EAR forward, which actuates the coin arm exactly as if you had used the lever on his other shoulder (Possibly MORE “racist” for this ?)

NO missing screws/bolts

This GENUINE ANTIQUE bank is in GOOD condition for an Alloy bank (As these do tend to “Spit-off” their paintwork with Oxidization over the years)


His little remaining paintwork looks to be 100% original with no retouching & showing a genuine age patina of 75 or more years

This bank would make a SUPERB addition to any BLACK MEMORABILIA or Mechanical Bank collection

This SCARCE “Boater Hat” version iconic British-made ALLOY mechanical bank is unconditionally GUARANTEED 100% GENUINE un-messed-with & entirely original

GUARANTEED to be so “For Life”……. (Which means you cannot ask for a refund after you die)

My lifetime guarantee of authenticity allows for a full refund of purchase price AND postage costs BOTH WAYS

It has become necessary to mention this because of the increasing amounts of FAKE & MISREPRESENTED “Black American” banks that are now polluting the WWW

INVEST in the REAL McCOY not a lousy cheap reproduction AKA FAKE

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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