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WWI British 1914-15 Star



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WW1 British 1914-15 Star Medal that has been erased.

This Original erased medal is ideal for replacement for lost medals.

I DO NOT believe in why people erase medals but some sellers and dealers do this from around the world. I could not do this personally as being an ex-servicemen myself removing someone’s name. These were brought into the shop like this and the seller had no history who erased the medal.

During World War I, there were four main medals issued: the 1914 Star ( Mons Star), 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal, and the British War Medal.

The most frequent combinations are “trios” and “pairs”. Trios are made up of one or other of the 1914 or 1914-15 Stars (they could not be awarded together), the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.Pairs are generally for servicemen who joined the war after 1915, and are the British War Medal with the Victory Medal. Occasionally one medal was issued, the British War Medal. Merchant seaman were entitled to the Mercantile Marine Medal (issued by the Board of Trade) and usually the British War Medal as well. The Territorial Force War Medal was awarded to members of the Territorial Force and Territorial Force Nursing Services who served overseas; it is the rarest of the five Great War medals. The Memorial Plaque was issued to the next-of-kin of deceased service personnel.







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