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WWII Australian Volunteer Air Observer Corps Badge


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WW2 Australian Volunteer Air Observer Corps Badge

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A civilian Observer’s badge issued by the Volunteer Air Observer Corps (VAOC) of Australia during WW2. No uniforms were issued to civilian volunteers and instead, were identified by the use of a registered enamel badge, as illustrated above.

The VAOC was formed in December 1941 and rapidly developed into a network of observation posts around Australia that provided vital support to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Manned principally by civilian volunteers who were assigned code-names for identification purposes, they would report potential enemy aircraft and shipping sightings to their VAOC Regional HQs. Some WAAAF (Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force) also worked for the VAOC as general clerks and recorders within the Regional Headquarters. Together with radar posts, all such information would be gathered and collated by the Area Combined Headquarters.

The VAOC and the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) of Britain were organised and run in similar ways. The VAOC was formally disbanded shortly after the war on the 10th April 1946.