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WWII German Cross 1941 Award



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Original WW2 German Cross  1941 in gold.

A fine example of a less common German award , approx 30,000 in total issued ( 17,000 army – 13,000 Luftwaffe)

The German Cross was actually not a cross at all, it took on the form of an eight-point star resembling some of the former breast awards of the Imperial era. The award came in two forms, a metal version and a cloth version. The metal version being the most complex of the two, it consisted of five separate pieces being fitted and held together using four to twelve rivets depending on who the manufacturer was. The cloth version follows the exact same design as the metal produced version except the entire cross is cloth with the exception of the laurel wreath still being metal.

Photos depict the condition of the award and is missing the pin.


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