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WWII German S84/98 III Mauser Bayonet and Scabbard




WW2 German S84/98 III Mauser Bayonet and Scabbard


The S84/98 III bayonet was a bayonet that was used by Germany during World War II, primarily on the Karabiner 98 rifle.

Blade length: 248mm.
Overall Bayonet length: 380mm.
Bayonet Weight Approx: 0.443kg

Manufacturer Mark: bym ( Genossenshaft Maschinenfabrik, FerlachKärnten, Ostmark ) on Ricasso
Date: 1942 – 42 on Blade Spine
Production Number: 1st line sequential serial number 65967 2nd line lot number 330 on Ricasso.
Inspector Proof Marks: WaA938 on Pommel. Can mean either Albrecht Kind, AG 1942-44 or WaA938 bym.
The bym is not the most common bayonet around & sits in the harder to find category but not rare.

Bayonet Condition:
Bakerlite grips in very good condition.
Blade is solid into hilt.
Press stud works fine
Very Good Condition Bayonet.
Blade is blue tempered steel with fading & wear on blueing.

Maker mark: 41fnj (Alexander Coppel)
Finial proof mark: Waffenamt code not ledgeible due to the paint.
Metal: Has a couple of dents ( does not detract from the bayonet in/out movement) , usual paint wear on the black paint metal. Considered to be good condition.
Length 270mm
Note: The bayonet & scabbard have refurbishment matching marks on the crossguard & Scabbard frog stud. This refurb is a minor reserialed item as no attempt had been made to remove any original marks or proofs as photos clearly show.