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WWll German HJ Leaders Dagger & Scabbard




Rare HJ Youth Leader Dagger.

Model 1937 Hitlerjugend Dolch für Führer by RZM M7/36 (E & F. Hörster & Co.of Solingen).

The Stiletto style plated blade is in very good condition, showing only light surface wear and runner marks, and is without nicks to the cutting edge with the engraved words “Blut Und Ehre !” meaning Blood & Honour also complete with its leather throat buffer pad.

The dagger grip is wood base with twisted silver wire wrapped around it & the pommel with the swastika in its diamond panel.

The cross guard design is inclined upward with a simple grooved design around the edge.

The Scabbard is wrapped in black leather, exhibits moderate use with the silver plated metal fittings showing various amounts of patinization & use.

Uncleaned and untouched dagger, grades overall in very good condition for its age & useage.

Only two firms manufactured the dagger, Carl Eickhorn and E & F Horster.

In 1937 Von Schirach introduced the HJ Leader dagger for leaders form the rank of Stammfuhrer and above & the dagger could not be purchased and was only obtained by authorisation of the ReichsJugendFurher. The dagger ceased production in 1942.