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WWll German Officers Naval Dagger & Scabbard




Listing this as a transitional & or parts 2nd Model German Naval Dagger & Scabbard.

Gilded Brass fittings & lightening bolt scabbard design.

The crossguard is the usual fouled anchor type with good button end caps.

The push button locking works fine albeit a bit sloppy.

The white grip has noticeable crazing & chipping with some staining

The blade exhibits pitting & scarring but not much in the way of chipped blade edges & one can still make out the etched fouled anchor.

The scabbard is interesting for the reason of the scabbard band ring lanyard holders , as their design varies to normal even scrolls & instead with a large centre wheel scroll & supported either side by a smaller wheel scroll. This was typically used by the maker E Bonsmann (Dreiakerwerk), Solingen-Ohligs who also produced post ww2 items after the war ended.

Scrutinize the photos to determine your perception of this item.