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German Adolf Hitler Book 1936



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These photos were collected in cigarette and tobacco packs and then put in the book.

Condition all photos are there and would rate the condition as average to good for age.

Original Adolf Hitler, Pictures from the Life of the “Fuehrer” Copyright 1936, printed by Cigaretten/Bilderdienst in Hamburg, Germany 15. Sept. 1935: There are not enough words to thank you, my Fuehrer. We are also not able to document with words our devotion and affection for you. Everything that is available in the form of thankfulness, of love and burning confidence, my Fuehrer, was reflected back to you today in several hundred thousand eyes. The entire population, an entire Nation feels strong and happy today because you have become not just the Fuehrer, but the savior of the people. Signed: Goehring, The Introduction talks about the beginning of the political party. Hitler was in charge of the propaganda and he was very good at it. People saw him as a politician and a statesman, but the human side of him remained in the background. This book was created to show his personality and was put together by his closest colleagues with love and admiration. They reveal him in words and pictures as never before become they admire him daily. The people will see him close up and will feel closer to him. Here are the chapter titles translated: The Fuehrer on Trips, The Fuehrer and the German People, The Fuehrer as Public Speaker, The Fuehrer in his Private Life, The Fuehrer as Statesman, The Fuehrer and the German Worker, The Fuehrer and the Arts, Construction commissioned by the Fuehrer (written by architect), Adolf Hitler and the streets that he built, Our Hitler. Radio Address to the German People on his Birthday, The Fuehrer and the Military, The Fuehrer and German Youth, The Fuehrer and the National Socialist Movement, The Fuehrer at Landsberg




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