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New Zealand Armed Constabulary Cap Badge 1867 – 1878




Original Victorian NZ Armed Constabulary Cap Badge 1867 – 1878

In 1867, with imperial soldiers being withdrawn from New Zealand, a new military structure was needed. With the ‘backbone of Maori armed resistance to state authority’ seemingly broken, a body of armed constables able to play the twin roles of policeman and soldier appeared to be the answer. The Armed Constabulary came into existence in October 1867. In response to renewed armed resistance led by Titokowaru and Te Kooti, the Armed Constabulary became a purely military organisation.

The formation of the Provincial Police Forces was authorized in 1853, and the Armed Constabulary on the 1st of November 1867. By January 1877, all the Provincial Police Forces had been disbanded, and their personnel transferred to the Armed Constabulary. The force was designated The New Zealand Armed Constabulary Force in 1878, and was finally disbanded in 1886. Military personnel were transferred to the Permanent Militia, with the remainder forming the New Zealand Police Force.

Image Attached – New Zealand Armed Constabulary garrison at Opepe, near Taupo, early 1870s.

Very good condition as pictured.