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REAL Antique Jolly BLACK MAN Mechanical Bank KEY-LOCKING Base Type UK Circa 1920




I have tried to show this 100% GENUINE ANTIQUE Cast iron “Jolly Black Man” mechanical bank very clearly with photographs of every aspect at every conceivable angle

CONDITION is exactly AS SHOWN I have tried to show this antique Cast iron mechanical banks very clearly with photographs of every aspect at every conceivable angle


He has been damaged and repaired.

Damage was around his neck, now **almost invisible** and he is PERFECT WORKING ORDER.

Retains his RARE original key-locking base with NO KEY but the locking mechanism works and is NOT all seized-up with rust. The key is a simple suitcase key type, so you could likely adapt one to work if you needed to ? 🙂

I have checked the lock mechanism, it moves freely when dismantled, and is fully operational

Guaranteed 100% GENUINE antique EARLY 20th Century British-made Cast Iron “JNB” Mechanical Bank or “Money Box” the 3rd-type “JNB”

AGE = CIRCA 1920

Made in UK by the original inventor & manufacturer Harper & Co. John Harper established his manufacturing business during the 1800’s in Willenhall, Staffordshire, England next to his foundry, Albion Works

The company produced a great number of iron decorative goods, including mechanical & still banks, throughout the latter parts of the 19th Cent & into the early 20th Cent

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Approx 95% of ALL alleged “GNB” banks seen for sale are FAKES (Indian made) Modern COPIES sold by the unscrupulous to fool the gullible 🙁

This back GUARANTEED 100% GENUINE for LIFE (Meaning you cannot ask for a refund after you have died)

BID WITH CONFIDENCE my authenticity guarantee covers full refund of price-paid & cost of postage BOTH WAYS