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WWII German 1st Model Railway Dagger





Original WW2 German 1st Model Railway Dagger

This Klaas railway dagger is produced with the classic mounts grip and scabbard that we like to see on these pieces. The pommel and crossguard are the generic type B variety. The mounts are nicely patinated and not have not been cleaned in some time. The pommel has a good crisp rim and the upper portion shows only minor signs of carrying. This pommel type features the 14 standing oak leaves all nicely hand enhanced. The ferrule matches the pommel. The generic B crossguard eagle is an outstanding bird. The noble head has all details to the brow eye and beak and the breast feathering is finely checkered. The grip is the traditional Klaas type being slightly longer than other Army grips and it is in fine condition. A very fine hilt here. The scabbard is also a nice example having all of its silver present and still good pebbled panels on both sides. The carrying bands have excellent overlapping oak leaves with visible hand enhancing. They have the usual “asterisk” marks that the in-house Klaas finisher used as his method to conceal casting marks. The throat is retained by two flatter head style screws. The blade is a beauty being a nickel plated type. The finish is still in perfect high quality condition with needlelike tip. This mint blade is stamped on the reverse with the kissing cranes and beneath the firm’s name and location Robert Klaas Solingen. The original brown leather small stryle blade washer is in place. A very nice 1st railway here that would be difficult to upgrade.