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WWII German DJ Pennant



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Original WW2 German Deutsche Jungvolk Pennant

Condition as pictured

The DJ, Deutsche Jungvolk, (German Youth), originated in Vienna Austria in 1929, and was eventually to become the young branch of the HJ, for boys from 10 to 14 years old. The Sigrune first became associated with the DJ on November 9TH 1929, the sixth anniversary of the failed Beer Hall Putsch, when the Gauleiter of Vienna presented them with their first official flag, consisting of a black field with a central silver Sigrune. The Sigrune was adopted as the official emblem of the DJ and it began to be worn as an unofficial badge of rank for NCO personnel and was rendered in the Oberbann color of the unit the individual was attached to. In 1933 the Sigrune sleeve badge became an official piece of insignia and by 1935 the pattern of the badge was standardized.



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