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WWII German Heer M42 EM/NCO Overseas Cap





WWII German Heer M42 EM/NCO Overseas Cap. This cap was introduced for wear by Heer EM/NCO personnel on July 21st 1942, as a replacement for the earlier M34 overseas cap. The M42 cap was designed to offer more protection from the cold for the ears and neck and the design pattern was based on the Mountain Troopers Bergmütze but without the visor.

I believe this to be an original Cap manufactured by the Alfred Valet firm,  with manufacturer stamp of Alfred Valet Mützenfabrik, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt Size 58.

This cap is in very good condition for age with one small moth nip and has come out of a top end collection that has never been on the market for over 30 years. I have based the price on condition.



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