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WWII German Naval Officers Dagger VERY NICE




WW2 German Kriegsmarine Officers Army Dagger,Scabbard and Original Portepee.(Kriegsmarine Offiziersdolch)

The blade’s reverse ricasso is marked with the maker mark of F.W. HOLLER Solingen. Both sides of the blade feature two blood grooves, the blade is in excellent condition well engraved  & is double etched in the Sailing Ship pattern. The pommel exhibits a detailed Naval eagle standing on a wreathed swastika, with some surface or gilt wear. The ornately-designed scabbard exhibits a lightning design, with a ball final, and two sets of brass hardware to attach the dagger to the dagger hanger as well as the original naval hanger is present and believe is to be original to the dagger as well. The portepee is 100% original to the dagger, overall very nice condition and hard to find with original dagger, also looks like the original owner name is on the scabbard.(Worth further research)

This set is a match up of original authentic Imperial & Third Reich Naval daggers.

The scabbard is a shortened late WW1 or Interwar version , either WKC or Eickhorn (holler didnt make Imperial Naval Dagger Scabbards and used either of the afore mentioned for their scabbards).

The dagger appears a late M29 Model which is shorter than the typical older Imperial dagger (hence the shortened scabbard). The Eagle Pommel is known as the “exchange Eagle” This Eagle was produced to replace the Ball pommel tops of the older imperial daggers to bring a uniformly look to all the Kreigsmarine Officer daggers in WW2. The issued M38 dagger came with a slightly different eagle to the exchange eagle.

The scabbard hangers straps are from 2 different hangers , they are the same as each other ,but both being the shorter strap from two different hangers. Not sure why this is but that is how they came into my possession.

So we have a mis-matched but not a totally uncommon set as many officers didnt want to pay for the new Etched blade Kreigsmarine M38 Officer dagger set & it was far cheaper to convert their existing scabbards.

The unetched blades were for NCO ranks & the Navy paid for those but no etching meant cheaper for the Navy.