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WWII German Officers Brocade Belt and Buckle Named to V. Petersdoft


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Original WW2 German Officers Brocade Belt and Buckle named to V. Petersdoft his named is scratched on reverse of buckle it came with a group of items including a cased RK

Shows some damage to front of belt buckle

Silver/aluminum brocade belt with complete green cloth backing. The belt comes with a two piece die stamped aluminum construction, circular belt buckle. The buckle features a highly embossed oak-leaf wreath encompassing a central Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), style eagle with down-swept wings, clutching a canted swastika in it’s talons, on a subtlety textured, slightly domed, central field. The reverse of the buckle is a mirror image of the obverse and has a separate, circular plate insert with a crimped catch and retaining hook. The circular plate is secured by the crimped outer edges of the buckle’s obverse. The buckle retaining hook was designed to be slipped into the opened rectangular, dual pronged, belt securing bar. Belt is adjustable to multiple sizes. Belt and Buckle in very good condition for age as pictured.

Military belts and their corresponding buckles date back centuries and were initially designed for attaching swords and daggers. In 1847 a new innovative box buckle with a quick release catch and corresponding belt were introduced which resulted in a Prussian, Hauptmann Virschow, initiating a new method of carrying personal equipment with the belt and shoulder straps supporting the majority of the weight. This system, with modifications, remains in use in most of the armies in the world to this day. During the Third Reich there was a prescribed form of wear of the belt and buckle with the buckle being positioned on the right side and the corresponding buckle catch on the left side. The Officer’s circular belt buckle was originally introduced on July 9TH 1937, along with the brocade belt for wear by army Officers when in parade dress, formal dress, informal reporting dress and service dress when full decorations were ordered. Wear of the brocade belt and circular belt buckle was extended to army Music Superintendents and Band Leaders on April 12TH 1938 and to army Officials with the equivalent of Officer’s ranks/position on January 2ND 1939. The belt buckle for Officers holding the ranks of Leutnant up to and including Oberst was in matte silver while Officers holding the ranks of Generalmajor up to and including Generalfeldmarschall utilized a matte gold belt buckle. The silver and green brocade belt was the same for all Officers ranks, excluding Music Superintendents and Band Leaders which utilized silver and red brocade belts. Of Note: Officers ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms including belts and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the army’s Kleiderkasse, (Clothing Account), system. The Officers could choose to purchase their uniforms items from the armed forces clothing depots or to privately purchase items of higher quality.




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