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WWII New Zealand 3rd Division Association Stick Pin



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WW2 New Zealand 3rd Division Association Stick Pin

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The 3rd New Zealand was a division of the New Zealand Military Forces. Formed in 1942, it saw action against the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean areas during WW2. The division saw action in the Solomon Islands campaign during 1943–1944, during which it undertook landings on Vella Lavella, the Treasury Islands and the Green Islands. Due to manpower shortages, for most of its existence the division consisted of only two infantry brigades in addition to support personnel, with its third brigade being disbanded shortly after formation. In 1944, manpower shortages in the New Zealand economy became acute led to the disbandment of the division. The majority of its manpower was returned to civilian employment, although around 4,000 men were sent to Italy to reinforce the 2nd Division, seeing further action before the end of the war in May 1945.