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1936 Hitler Youth Deutsches Jugendfest Tinnie




WW2 German N. S. Fraunschaft (National Socialist Women’s League) Enamel Lapel Badge.  RZM maker marked.

Condition as pictured.

Sports in the early period of the Third Reich had an underlying, subversive role as a form of military training, due to the restrictions imposed on the Germans by the Treaty of Versailles. As a result, sporting events were very highly regarded by the NSDAP, and all manner of awards were issued on a national and local level to the victorious athletes. Even after the treaty was ignored, and military conscription imposed, sporting events for the German youth were still held in high esteem as pre-military training and toughening-up exercises. From the end of 1934 onwards, Hitler Youth Sports Festivals were held throughout Germany. Originally called a “Sport-” or “Jugendfest,” after 1937 they came to be known as “Reichsportwettkampf” (National-sport-competition[s]).




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