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New Zealand Dress Regulations 1852-1909


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This is a new publication on the subject of the dress regulations of early NZ.
• Over 350 full colour photos of artifacts.
• A full colour photo glossary of uniform features.
• Accouterments, badges, caps, uniforms.
• Over 600 units identified as to the colour and style of uniform worn.
• Over 60 historic images, many never published before.
• Over 80 newspaper accounts from the time to give a social history context.
• 4 quick reference guides covering patrol jackets, forage caps, belt pouches and trousers.
• Never before published Dress Regulations from early New Zealand.
• Never before published photos of surviving uniforms, the earliest from the mid-1860s.
• The largest published cloth badge subject with supporting references.
• Forage caps explained; patrol jackets demystified.
• Full and undress uniforms covered.
• A vast amount of previously unpublished material.
• A New Zealand book of New Zealand uniforms.
24 regulations in one place, in one style and in one format.
480 pages of evidence-based information.
Naval, land and constabulary forces covered.
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