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WWII German Hunting Association Sleeve Badge




WW2 German Hunting Association Sleeve Badge

Believe this to be an old reproduction made well

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Forestry and hunting in Germany enjoys a long, illustrious history and tradition that continues to the present day. On July 8TH 1933 Hermann Göring was appointed as Reichsforst und Jägermeister, (National Forestry and Hunting Master), as head of the, Reichsforstamt, (National Forestry Department), in charge of administration of all aspects of forestry and hunting including the development, maintenance and conservation of all the forests and wild game within Germany. The Reichsforstamt was sub-divided into four main departments of; Gemeinde Forst Dienst, (General Forestry Service), Privat Forst Dienst, (Private Forestry Service), Heeres Forst Dienst, (Army Forestry Service), and the Luftwaffe Forst Dienst, (Air-force Forestry Service). Personnel serving in all four services were assigned a uniform which included a visor cap, with minor variations in insignia.


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