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WWII German Tank Destroyer Badge Silver



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Original WW2 German Tank Destroyer Badge Silver

Horizontally ribbed, woven silver/aluminum strip with a interwoven black rayon stripe to both the top and bottom edges and a stamped, black washed, magnetic sheet metal silhouette of a stylized Panzer III medium tank to the center. Nice worn and used example showing the expected age and wear. Scarce individual combat award in very good condition for age.

On March 9TH 1942 Adolf Hitler, on the recommendation of the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), established the Tank Destruction Strip in silver for award to those individuals who single handedly destroyed an enemy armored vehicle with personal hand held weapons. Eligibility for bestowal of the award was made retroactive to June 22ND 1941, to coincide with the invasion of Russia. Prior to the institution of the Tank Destruction Strip, the General Assault Badge was awarded for achieving the same feat. The Tank Destruction Strip was worn on the upper right sleeve of the field blouse and service tunic, with each subsequent award worn beneath the original award. Of Note: As the war in the east continued and the single handed destruction of enemy armored vehicles with personal weapons grew, the OKH introduced the Tank Destruction Strip in Gold on December 18TH 1943, for award to personnel that had destroyed five enemy tanks. If an individual had been awarded five Tank Destruction Strips in silver they would be exchanged for a Tank Destruction Strip in Gold.


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