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WWII German Wound Badge Solid Back



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Original WW2 German Wound Badge Solid back

1939 pattern, die struck, alloy construction, solid backed badge with a silver wash. The badge is in the form of an embossed, vertically oval, laurel leaf wreath encompassing an embossed profile of a M35 pattern helmet with a high relief, canted, swastika to the center, superimposed over crossed swords on a pebbled base field. Complete pin and catch assembly. The reverse is well marked with impressed manufacturer’s LDO code, “L/53”, indicating manufacture by Hymmen & Co. of Lüdenscheid. Of Note: The LDO began regulating the manufacture of German awards in March 1941 as a quality control agent for awards that were intended for retail sale and manufacturers were to use an assigned LDO, “L/”, code on their products destined for retail sales. Awards that were to be bestowed by the government were also issued an official numerical government contract code known as a Lieferantnummer, (Contractor’s Number), that was issued by the Präsidialkanzlei des Führers, (Presidential Council of the Führers), for formally approved manufacturers.


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