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WWII German Custom Officers ID Tag




WW2 German Custom Officers ID Tag.Older reproduction as pictured.

“Zollgrenzschutz” means “Customs Border Guards”. In Germany, the Zollgrenzschutz used to be a police-like armed force of customs officers whose main task was patrolling the national borders to prevent smuggling. Under the name Zollgrenzschutz, the force was established in 1937 (but it already existed before: from 1919-1937 it was named Zollgrenzdienst). The 1937 organization reform did not only bring the Zollgrenzschutz its new name, but also military structures and uniforms.During the war years, the Zollgrenzschutz was enlarged in order to control the borders of countries occupied by Germany. For those services, combat units were formed because in many occupied areas partisans were active. In 1944, the Zollgrenzschutz was taken from the Reichsfinanzministerium’s responsibility and made part of the SS. Now, the Zollgrenzschutz units were used as regular combat forces.

Older reproduction as pictured.



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